Pard FT32-35 LRF Thermal Imaging Clip On


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    Pard FT32-35 LRF Thermal Imaging Clip On

    Hunt smarter with our latest released 3-in-1 thermal device that meets all your hunting needs! Useful as a monocular, or as a front-mounted clip-on or as a riflescope! The FT32 offers unparalleled versatility. You choose whether you want to carry it in your pocket and use it as a thermal monocular, attach it to your existing optical scope or mount is as a standalone thermal sight on your rifle.

    Main Features
    Thermal imaging sensor(12?m)
    Optional 41mm/53mm/63mm quick release mount adapter
    Built in laser range finder detects targets up to 1000m away
    Only 370 grams
    Quickly convert in less than 3 seconds
    Replaceable battery
    Wi-Fi connection
    6000 J Recoil resistance
    IP67 rating
    Self activated recording

    The Pard FT32-35 LRF Thermal Imaging Clip On quickly converts in less than 3 seconds when used as a front-mounted clip-on, along with its quick-release adapter for easy and offer a seamless solution for swiftly converting an optical scope into a thermal imaging scope with maintaining the original user experience for daytime scope users. The thermal imaging sensor (12?m) can detect subtle differences in temperature and present perfect image detail in low thermal contrast conditions like rain and fog. The image sensor is designed with advanced technology to deliver organic and rich imaging despite adverse weather.

    When the clip-on is mounted on the rifle, its lightweight, compact design reduces scope weight for improved firearm balance and shooting precision. As a thermal scope, it aligns with shooting posture, offering comfort and precision. With the integration of a cutting-edge of 1000m laser rangefinder, our device guarantees the unparalleled efficiency and precision. Additionally, when using as a thermal imaging rifle scope, its advanced ballistic calculation capabilities enable swift and accurate target acquisition, empowering users with precise shooting capabilities.

    Resolution 384 288 px
    Pixel Size 12?m
    NETD 25mK0.025)
    Frame Rate 50Hz
    Human Detection Distance 1400m
    Vehicle Detection Distance 2600m
    Objective Lens 35mm
    Optical Magnification Riflescope/Monocular: 3.5x
    Clip-on: 1x
    Digital Zoom 2/4/6/8 x
    Field of View Horizontal 7.5
    Vertical 5.6
    Diagonal 9.4
    Eye Relief 30mm
    Diopter Adjustment 55 D
    Type OLED
    Resolution 1440 x 1080 px
    Reticle Style 6
    Reticle Colour Red/White/Yellow/Green
    Scene Mode City/Rain/Forest
    Photo / Video
    Photo Resolution 2592 x 1944 px
    Photo Format .jpg
    Video Resolution 1024 x 768 px
    Video Format .mp4
    Storage TF Card (Max. 128GB)
    Image Engine Pard IREA
    Main Function
    LRF detection range 1000 m
    Ballistic Calculator Yes
    PIP Yes
    Recoil-Motivated Recording Yes
    Loop Recording Yes
    Shutter Mechanical Shutter
    Microphone Yes
    Firmware upgrade Yes
    USB Type-C Yes
    Wi-Fi Yes
    Supported Apps PardVision
    Power Supply
    Battery Type 18650 Li-ion (Replaceable)
    Output Voltage 3.7V
    Operating Time 5 h
    External Power Supply USB Type-C
    Environmental Characteristics
    Degree of Protection IP67
    Operating Temperature -20c 50c
    Recoil Power -6000J


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