.357 90 Grain .357 HP Slugs 100pk


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    Zan Projectiles .357 Grain HP Slugs – 100pcs

    These airgun slugs have been developed after many hundreds of hours of meticulous testing to meet Zans high standards in accuracy, expansion, and suiting picky liners.

    The .357 slugs are extremely high quality with their deep hollow points for huge expansion. The shallow hollow dish base shape also allow these slugs to get the most accuracy whilst being suitable for as many barrel types as possible. These slugs also come in a highly packaged box to stop any damage that may occur during the shipping process.


    Slugs Per Box 100pcs
    Weight 81 grains / 3.3 grams
    90 grains / 3.9 grams
    100gr / 6.4 grams
    112gr / 7.2 grams
    125gr / 8 grams
    Diameter .357″ / 9mm


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