CZ P-10 F OR


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    The CZ P-10 F OR (Optics-Ready) has been designed for the increasingly popular option of mounting a red dot sight quickly and easily. The original CZ mounting interface is known for its robustness, strength, durability, low installation height and easy aiming with the red dot sight at short to long distances. This model also comes with high (cowitness) iron sights in case optics are damaged or fail.

    Parameters and technical data

    • Height x Width x Length
      153x32x203 mm
    • Barrel length
      114 mm
    • Weight with empty magazine [g]
    • Caliber
      9 x 19
    • Magazine capacity
    • Sights
    • Trigger
    • Frame
      Fiberglass-reinforced polymer
    • Safety features
      Trigger safety | Trigger bar safety | Firing pin block
    • Size
    • Thread
    • Trigger Pull Weight
      25 ± 4 N
    • Trigger travel [mm]
      9 ± 1
    • Trigger reset [mm]


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